Melanie + Martin | A Private Norfolk Pagoda Wedding

When I received the first phone call from Melanie asking about photographing their private ceremony, I knew it was meant to be. One, it was the only September availability I had. Two, they are also Chesapeakeans. And three, she said she and Martin loved black and white. :) Hearts a-plenty won!

Getting to know Melanie and Martin, hearing their stories, chatting with Melanie's son Wes, their future plans, and right down to their post-wedding text message "We were truly blessed to have you at our wedding; you were like a member of the family"... they'll forever have a spot in my heart.

To get to be part of such an intimate wedding was an honor. When it's just the bride, groom, "witness" (or in this case, Wes; he was very much a part of the celebration and the best ring protector ever!), and an officiant, it gives me goosebumps that I'm one of the few that get to be at the start of a couple's new chapter. It's amazing and humbling, especially knowing that friends and family will relive the event through my visual storytelling.

I wish you two all the very best! May you continue to go on many vacations (especially to fun new wineries!) and make many wonderful new memories like you did on your honeymoon to the Northwest. :)

Lots of thanks to Mary and Shannon for the beautiful bouquet and bouts, the staff at Byrd & Baldwin Bros. for letting me grab the final detail and post-wedding dinner shots, and the ladies at the Norfolk Pagoda for their hospitality.