Shootin' the Love. | Hermitage Museum Wedding

Probably the number one thing I love about second shooting is getting to observe without a one-track mind of getting the safe shots. Just observe the guests. Just observe the details. And of course, just observe the bride and groom. I think that was the most neat about this wedding is that I knew a bit of the back story of how they met, and then I got to really see that played out at the wedding. It was love in its most comfortable way. The best kind.

I was super honored that Kelly of Kelly West Photography asked me to accompany her for this special Hermitage wedding, especially since she's been friends with the bride for years upon years. That's even more emotional dedication to make sure everything is perfect! :)

(And heck, it made it even more fun when I found out a bunch of my vendor friends were helping make the wedding from vision to spectacular celebration! Hi, Mary, Julie, and Jodi!)

You can see the wedding in more full detail on Kelly's Facebook page (you will need to be logged into Facebook to view!). :)

[It's no secret... kinda obsessed with food. And photographing food. :) ]

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  1. Gorgeous wedding, Chelsea! Looks like a really fun couple!