Now presenting... the Guide to the Cloud.

It's been months in the making, and that little finagle-y thing called whoa-busy wedding season happened and so the website was put on hold. ;) But I'm finally excited to present the finished product!

With the influx of brides/grooms choosing the Cloud for their digital media format this year AND the fact that quite a few photo-fam members live out-of-town/out-of-state, I wanted to make sure wedding couples fell in love with the new technology and were excited by it, not confused and overwhelmed. Particularly if I'm not able to be there in person to go through the process. I know I would be very "eek" if I were handed new techie stuff without some sort of guidance!

No being thrown to the wolves here! Visuals and Step-by-Steps are here for ya! :) If you'd like to take a peek at the Cloud Guide, hop on over to learn more about how the Cloud works for Bit of Ivory brides and grooms!

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