Tiffany + Josh : The Couple Who Gives Thanks

This wasn't the first time Tiffany was in front of my lens. She was our wicked-awesome Elphaba for Orchestrated's Emerald Encounter... and she was amazing.

That day had also been my first day meeting Josh. He came to see his beautiful wife-to-be model go "green" for us. To see the sweet pride and joy on his face as he watched her... oh my gosh. It's that same look that whispers, "I cherish you."

But together as a couple, there is one word that comes to mind when I think of them: genuine. Genuine in love, friendship, faith, and thanksgiving.

They balance each other. They keep their faith at the center of their relationship. They love. And it was very evident throughout the whole wedding day-- at the First Presbyterian Church of Virginia Beach and at the Hilton Oceanfront.

You can't help but feel warm and fuzzy around them. And with Tiffany's many, many awesome facial expressions, you can't help but feel happy, too. (Seriously, she's my rival in spectacular faces.) ;)

I wish you two all the very best God has to offer in a marriage for the many years ahead. Bucket loads of blessings for you both!

Many thanks go to Sarah, Jessica, and Tianna for helping me make Tiff and Josh's wedding day story through their lenses and extra hands. And a big thanks to Stephanie, Brittney (and the other Emily Weddings gals), Mary and Shannon, Liz, Tyler/Martin/Graham, Shawn, and Jay for creating the visual aspects to their perfect story!

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