Roamin' in Rome.

We are kicking off some reminiscing from my Italian adventure back in September! As a part of Orchestrated's first cruise experience, we headed over to Europe for an unforgettable experience. So stay tuned and grab the popcorn as we get historical! (You will see Instagram photos mixed in as I was able to capture more moments that way instead of breaking out the big ole fancy camera.)

Rome was lovely. But I honestly was more excited about seeing my family. I hadn't seen Stefano in YEARS since he was in the States when I was in high school. We're pretty similar in the way we think, the way we apparently pose for photos (read: super excited), and he's closest in age with me. ;) It was even more awesome when I got to meet his girlfriend Gaia whom I really enjoyed getting to know.

I will say having a native Italian around your first few nights in a new country is a HUGE blessing. One, Stefano was able to translate things. Two, he was able to really help me get used to food/ordering/restaurants to make sure I didn't get sick. [Note: Italy is THE best with gluten-free.]

* Fontana di Trevi was stunning. Mom threw in some various euro and U.S. coins!
* Palazzo di Gatto (aka Cat Palace... or at least that's what I'm calling it!) was kind of a favorite. Cats were everywhere! The city takes care of them for all of their basic needs. Basically this particular ruined palace is the world's greatest cat climby-thing EVER. Roman ruins? Yes, please. :)
* We were only there for two days before the cruise embarked, so we didn't get to do a ton. I'm okay with that though; I got to see family. :)

[Why, yes, there are french fries on my gluten-free pizza. When in Rome?!]

Next stop... Florence!

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