Thirst Relief Mentor Auction 2013

Thirst Relief Mentor Auction 2013: January 31st 11PM EST – February 3rd 11PM EST

When I read those words "you have been nominated to be a mentor," I just stared at the email for a second. Then the slew of questions rolled into my mind of whos, whats, hows. Whoa. Someone found me and my knowledge worthy enough to put my name down somewhere. Talk about a humbling experience... and it was completely a little light into my heart (there are days when I miss teaching... a LOT. And I'm finding here and there ways in the photography industry to do so, but it's still a balance!).

Through Thirst Relief International's Mentor Auction, Thirst Relief will enable you to bid on eBay for a 90-minute instructional session with some of the best photographers in the business! That means you have the chance to spend 90 minutes with me which can happen at WPPI this March, in Virginia, or via phone/Skype. In addition, I have also added in a little extra goodie. One photographer ticket to any 2013 Orchestrated: Stylized Shoots event... umm, that alone would be awesome. Right?! :)

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief, meaning all that money goes towards saving the lives of those in need! There are so many great photographers and donations in this auction, so whether it's me or not, join in, get some edumacation, and help a worthy cause!

Don't forget to look at that date... it starts TOMORROW at 11PM EST!

(And again, whoever nominated me... thank you again from the bottom of my Ansel-Adams-french-fries-cat-lovin' heart. ♥)

Get to know Thirst Relief and what they stand for with the video below. But in brief, they are a non-profit organization who provides clean water to those in need around the world. In other words, good peoples. Verrry good peoples. :)

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