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I can't believe it... but the next event is happening! I just have to say I'm incredibly blessed to connect with a ton of fantastic vendors to be able to make this happen... and because of that, major love. And I'm even more excited during the wedding down season that I still get my wedding addiction satisfied! ;)

Orchestrated's Feather and Stone commemorates the rich Native American history in the Las Vegas region. The Paiute [pie-yute] inhabited the region before modern civilization came. "As a people the Paiute are peaceable, moral, and industrious, and are highly commended for their good qualities by those who have had the best opportunities for judging. They possess more solidity of character." Like all Native American tribes, the Paiute respected and revered nature and the land. And because of that, they are closely tied to the natural beauty that surrounds the Vegas Strip.

But like all Orchestrated events, a storyline is interwoven into this region's history. With the sacred passion of the elements, a couple celebrates their connection to each other, to nature, and to love.

With the event being hosted at one top-notch eco-friendly Vegas venue who prides itself on caring for the environment and promoting a sustainable future, you know it's going to be nothing short of honoring the region's history. And by teaming up with Angelica of Green Orchid Events, whoa. Tons of pretty perfection coming your way! For a visual of our event, check out the Feather and Stone inspiration board on Pinterest.

** Orchestrated Family tickets are available for Feather and Stone and will be available until Thursday, January 31st. Any unsold Family tickets will be converted to regular registration tickets. Curious to know what an Orchestrated Family ticket is? Click on the REGISTER link below. :)

And because we like to eat with our Orchestrated family, we also invite all registrants to hang out and go out to dinner with us after the shoot! Details about that dinner will be announced closer to the date.

If you're not a fan of the Facebook page yet, go now and join-- lots of updates will be posted to get you excited!

And the last thing you've been waiting for... to REGISTER, just head on over.

After you have registered, be sure to friend me on Facebook so I can add you to the exclusive Feather and Stone Facebook group. It's time to get to know the other participating photogs and vendors!

For Feather and Stone, photographer spots are limited to only 20 (with no more than 4-5 people per small group) to ensure quality shooting time. No firing lines here! ;)

Hope to see you soon!
- Chelsea :)

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