The Jargowsky Fam | A Circus-Inspired Family Session

Lauren contacted me back in June 2012 and said, "I kind of have some ideas about the types of photos I want and I don't think anyone else but you could really do it. It's a little over done right now, but I want to do the baby's nursery in a circus theme. I have a personal connection to that. My great grandfather traveled with a small circus in the 1920s and 1930s and met my great grandmother while the circus was in her town. She literally ran away with him a week later when the circus left, and they were married for over 40 years."

Can we say swoon, romantic, and such a beautiful homage to family heritage. You know I couldn't say no!

What I loved most about this session was how this fam really wanted to make it about the kids. Miss L and Mr. M were so excited to play their tightrope walker and strongman roles (and their animal ones afterwards!) and just have fun. Trust me, there was much laughter, giggles, and silly jokes the entire afternoon. :) And a dad who would become a vintage-y clown for his wife and kiddos? Major brownie points. And those cool hair pieces for the ladies? Yep, Lauren made them, that amazing craft-y ringmistress that she is. ;) And that popcorn cart? Yep, family heirloom.

As this post is published, that baby bump of Lauren's is now a little baby in our world! :) And Baby D's nursery is now filled with a ton of family, love, and good times.


  1. You lured me in with the adorable elephant costume! I NEED more elephant! ;) Such a fun shoot, <3 it!

  2. Knew you'd love the elephants, Somer! :D

  3. I've been patiently waiting to see this shoot! Love how it came together! <3