FEATURED | Two Bright Lights Editors' Choice Award

What a completely wonderful email to open up your inbox to. Two Bright Lights is one of the most respected parts of my business as I aim hard to get my photo-fam their little spotlights... it's true; I believe all of them are rockstars. :)

Lots of thanks go to the bloggers who have published my photo-fam, vendor friends, and me because without their hard work and careful attention to ensuring each post is a perfect fit for their wedding blogs, our work would still be in this little Bit of Ivory bubble. ♥

You can see the shiny new badge on my website and see what the selection process looks like.

This was such a great way to head into the end of the week and right before I head to Vegas for WPPI! :) (And heck, let's be real, any email with teal all over it... WIN. :) )

Editors Choice Award

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