Now presenting... Know Your Own Happiness.

On Facebook, on Instagram, on Twitter... "Know your own happiness" has been popping up, and you might have seen it. It's one of my favorite Jane Austen quotes (beyond, of course, that's it's Jane Austen... lol).

Whether you're black, white, British, American, gay, straight, old, young, cat, dog, purple, plaid, we should OWN our own happiness. It's a powerful quote to me on several levels, and as I mulled over how beautiful it is when it relates to weddings, I just knew that was going to be my megaphone this year.

Know your own happiness. Embrace your wedding vision. Be you. Love on your quirks. Find freedom in your magical day. And live with the joy in knowing you are loved.

If you are coming to the Heart + Soul Wedding Event on March 27, 2013, you will see one fabulous Bit of Ivory Photography area decked out in this theme-- just look for the Big Ole Teal Wall! Tote bags, activities, and overall smiles. AND you will see about 200 others' happiness. Because oh yes, there is an interactive part to my event space... and I'm so excited to share it with you next week!

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