Heart + Soul Wedding Event... and a surprise proposal!

You know that feeling when you just know something's going to be awesome? That tingly jolt in your stomach that tells ya, "Heck yeah!"? That excitement as you watch preparations come to life? Yep, that was Heart + Soul. It was such an amazing event to be a part of because the energy was infectious (well, which is easy when Roger and Kurt of Astro DJs are running the show!) and the vibe was fun.

Great eats came from Chef by Design and East Beach Catering. Great sweets from Cake Delights and Just Cupcakes. Great setups by The Attic at Waterman's and Aqua at Kings Creek Marina. Great eye candy from Maya Couture, Leslie Hartig Floral Design, and Bluebird's Garage. Great ambiance by Lighting Professors and Radiant. And of course, great coordination by Sunkissed Events & Designs and Roost Flowers & Design.

But that's not the only super awesome thing that happened... we had a real surprise proposal! A mega-brownie-point winner named Joe decided that Heart + Soul would be one fabulous spot to propose to his girlfriend, Mandy. Heck yeah he wins major brownie points! We wedding vendors live for this kinda stuff (which makes us in the perfect industry, of course). :) You're sure to be a little choked up as we were!

In the little Bit of Ivory corner, I have to give major shout out thanks to some incredible ladies who helped me that night and who made everything run super smooth. My two past brides Dreama and Amanda-- thank you for your continued support over the years; I love you two! My second shooter Stephanie and my go-to-setup gal Sarah-- you two are the best, and your help was appreciated! And of course, Kisha of Terebinth for being so wonderful with her amazing macarons (seriously, everyone made happy remarks/sounds after eating one!)! :)

So finally, without further ado, I'll let the photos talk... a curated, interactive wedding event in Hampton Roads at the MOCA with some very fabulous vendor friends with the similar vision of having a grand ole time with engaged couples.

And now get ready!

So within my space, I had some interactivity with some speech bubbles... and I asked attendees to tell me what their happiness was (because of course, the Jane Austen quote of "Know your own happiness.") :) And so, Pickles Barrington played her part and chose her winners at home!

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