Ashley + Ryan + Bella | A Boston First Anniversary Session

Doing first anniversary sessions are special to me. Doing first anniversary sessions in Boston are "wicked" special to me. :)

When Ashley and Ryan moved away to Massachusetts, it was sad, especially because being fellow crazy cat parents, I couldn't see the adorableness that is Bella, and they didn't get to meet Pickles Barrington when she showed up in the picture last November! But moreso, because they were no longer my neighbors. Literally.

But if there were another awesome place to live and work, it would be Boston. And oh, Beantown. A place that will always have a piece of my heart. And because of my longtime summerly gig in Amherst (still can't believe it's been 10 years!), I was so excited that I would be around to do their first anniversary session!

With a double love of the Bruins, Ryan's preference for winter, and an overall affinity for all of what New England has to offer, Ash and Ryan made Boston their new home, and the city suits them well. This groom even has a bit of a local accent on him now. Whoa!

While we miss them back home, it's so great to know how happy they are. And heck, Boston makes one amazing place to visit. ;)

And now Bella's limelight with her own mini-session (Ash and Ryan were so wonderful to be a part of  Pickles' pet session benefit in December. :) )... it's true; she's pretty much the cutest cat ever. Bella may have a love of the red laser, but she definitely loves her cat mommy and daddy more. It squeezes my heart!

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