Yarnia | A Cat Birthday Party

Back in May, I was determined to put together a birthday party. But not just any birthday party... a birthday party for one of my furbabies. Pickles Barrington will be turning one at the end of August, so that spoiled little kitty obviously needed some more spoiling with her very own shindig. Yes, I am THAT crazy cat mom. :)

And so Yarnia happened. Back at Christmas, one of my brides gave me the cutest cupcake decorating kit with kittens and crazy yarn balls on them... and that pretty much served the inspiration for the theme. So, Heather, this is really because of you! hahah!

I kid you not that this cat knew exactly what was going on because she was all up in the party happenings. If you follow her Facebook page, you'll know she's not really a normal cat. And that's not just my mommie goggles! :) Her extroverted personality wins the hearts of all who meet her... and I'm just incredibly grateful that we were gifted with such an amazing part of our lives.

To give back, the craft I set up was homemade catnip mice à la Martha Stewart that guests either took home for their own kitties or made to be donated to VBSPCA (where PB's sister Marmalade O'Hoolihan came from). And for the record, I'm just getting it out there that I'm calling Caitlin or Stefani to make my demos next time. They put mine to shame-- in skill and time needed to complete one mouse! ;)

Special Notes:
* Rusty made a PB slideshow that played during the party. I won't lie... kinda majorly teared up when I saw baby Pickles.
* Stef wore purple and a little cat pin.
* When I got home from Massachusetts, Rusty came to the airport bearing kitty stickers, so of course, I had to put them on the make-and-take bags.
* Elaine made the meatballs, and Veronica made the whoa amazing yarn ball cake pops. I big puffy heart my culinary-gifted friends!
* I made the yarn backdrop but Pickles made sure to put her own special touch as we had to reinforce to the wall so she wouldn't drag it away. :)
* You can follow #pbyarnia on Instagram to see more party photos by others!
* It was funny to watch Marmalade because she really just watched the whole day unfold. She was simply content just observing everyone and PB, and it made me smile. My lil introverted kitty still had fun.

Photography - Chelsea LaVere
Stationery - Chelsea LaVere
Linen - Linen Tablecloth
Tiered Cake - Tutu Cute Cakes by Ebony
Yarn Ball Cakepops - Veronica Amador
Meatballs - Elaine Shindelar

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