Coming Soon... to Heather and Rob.

Last month, we were hanging out in the kitchen at our photo-fam Christmas party, just snacking on cheese and sipping hot cocoa, when Heather said, "So, I have a bit of an announcement." She didn't even have to say anything further as her eyes expectedly dropped down to her tummy. "And we were wondering if you would take a few photos in front of our Christmas tree to help announce it."

Lots of squealing ensued on my part and congratulations spread around from the others. And not too long after that day, we were at their house right before Christmas with the sonogram framed with a "Coming Soon" photo mat. Like all good family portraits, their furbabies, Flapjack and Scarlett, also even made a cameo with their goofy and typical doggie selves. Since their families aren't local, these captures would be even more special, especially since Heather's mom wrote to me just last week and said, "I hope you'll be taking a lot of pictures of Baby Atherton. Sometimes pictures on cell phones are a curse - you can't frame those." :)

(Heart Smile #46- Heather's mom is a frequent email penpal of mine, so I definitely knew she'd be ecstatic about seeing the first glimpses of the new fam!)

Never leaving details untouched, Heather, of course, made her Facebook announcement pretty (as seen below). I admit I choked up and my heart skipped a beat... it was a visual "kapow" that I had the honor of being with them with some very special moments. All the good stuff comes in threes, right? :)

Welcome, Atherton #3! We can't wait to meet you! :)

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