Cocoa and Cozy | A Photo-Fam Christmas

It's been one crazy busy year, and I wasn't the only one who felt it. Nearly everyone I talked to was just worn out. 2013 was an amazing year, but whew, winter couldn't come soon enough! When photo-fam started telling me the little inklings of "oh my gosh long year," I knew this year's Christmas party should just be something cozy, very low-key, and just overall relaxing.

... thus Cocoa & Cozy was born! Donning the jammies (a big personal theme this season), everyone came decked out in their coziest to partake of the hot cocoa bar and tasty treats. Because it was just a continuing sign of this year with busyness, we were missing some of our beloved photo-fam, but we had a great time just hanging out, making snowflakes, and playing ridiculous cotton ball games.

Veronica and Heather dominated in the expert snowflake making game while we had some intense snowball scoopin' from everyone.

I honestly didn't take many photos this year, and I'm glad I didn't. It allowed me to really enjoy the moments with everyone and not have to worry about typical photographer worries of camera settings and lighting. 2014 is my year to enjoy more moments, in the moment.

But I did get some hilarious captures on my iPhone because the Snowball Scoop game was HILARIOUS.

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