Thirst Relief International Mentor Auction 2014

Thirst Relief Mentor Auction 2014: February 6th 11PM EST – February 9th 11PM EST

It's back! It was exciting to be asked to participate again in Thirst Relief International's cause this year alongside so many great individuals. Somehow I'm like, "Really? Me?!" And after a small confidence pep talk with myself and reminder of the great gal I got to know who was gifted the mentoring session and event ticket last March, I breathed in, rolled with it, and clicked on the "Send" button.

Through Thirst Relief International's Mentor Auction, you will be able to bid on eBay for a 90-minute instructional session with some of the best photographers and industry leaders! That means you have the chance to spend 90 minutes with me which can happen at WPPI this March, in Virginia, or via phone/Skype AND one photographer ticket to our 2014 Orchestrated Stylized Shoots "Hitched" event at WPPI. That by itself would be fab, right?! :)

(Note: If you happen to win this auction AND had already purchased your ticket for Hitched, you will be refunded your ticket cost. Everyone wins!)

100% of the proceeds directly benefit Thirst Relief, meaning all that money goes towards saving the lives of those in need! There are so many great photographers and donations in this auction, so whether it's me or not, join in, get some edumacation, and help a worthy cause!

Don't forget to look at that date... it starts THIS THURSDAY at 11PM EST!


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