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i heart faces contest
(Chance, August 2009)

I've decided to help nurture my own photo pursuits by joining and participating in i heart faces for a little challenge each week. I encourage those who love to take photos to join as well-- you don't have to be a "professional!" It could be the little creative push you need. :)

This entry is of one of my best friend's dogs, Chance. This dog is the reason why I wouldn't mind owning a vizsla [pronounced vee-sla] one day. Expressive, dedicated, loyal, smells good (no, really! They're known for smelling nicely!), and overall beautiful dog. This breed is known to point, and in this photo, he's pointing at something in the window. Chance was momentarily distracted for in the background is a photo of a baby vizsla that he was shaking and convulsing with excitement over. Too hilarious!

- Chelsea :)

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