Sabbatical + July = Texas - An Announcement

It's almost July, and it's that time when I take my annual "sabbatical" to Texas. It's not really rest (though I get plenty of it, my colleagues will joke!) since it is a job I love and do every summer for the Summer Institute for the Gifted... however, it is a mini-sabbatical from Bit of Ivory. The fun part is that the blog nor Facebook will be a ghost town because you all will get to see lovely images from Austin, Texas! Yeehaw! :)

What does this mean for you?

* If you are a bride wanting to book a wedding...
I will still be available for calls and emails and would love to talk with you! However, I will not be able to do any in-person meetings until Thursday, August 5th. So we can schedule, make plans, and get to know each other in the old-fashioned way with the written word! :)

* If you are someone who wants to book any type of portrait session...
Just like the brides, I will still be available for phone calls and emails. I can send a contract via email, and we can book things electronically. :) Please look at my Calendar for availabilities.

* If you are a current client wanting to place a last minute print order...
Though an announcement was already personally sent, all orders after June 30th will be placed on hold until Thursday, August 5th. If you need to republish your gallery, then I can still do that for you after the republishing fee is paid. You can still place your order, but please know that it will not be sent through to the printer until my return.

* If you are an Austin resident wanting photos and found my site through happenstance...
Then awesome! Just drop me an email, and I can let you know my schedule. :)

chesapeake arboretum
(A tribute to Ansel-- A favorite from this weekend!)

Have a fabulous summer month, and I will talk with you soon!
Chelsea :)

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