Almost one year later.

In just a few months, I will have been married one year. One year to my best friend, my provider, my moral support. I'm not sure where the year went. It seriously was February yesterday.

Today, I read this article on CNN today about brides and grooms of divorced parents and how they view marriage differently. Seeing as that both Rusty and I come from divorced families, it was really fascinating to me because we talk about this subject a lot.

Towards the end of the article, Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and dating expert, says "divorce in a family can sometimes help children strengthen their own relationships with their future partner.

Fisher says children of divorced parents may be more likely to spot a troubled partner and avoid toxic relationships. These children are often more resilient and overcome obstacles quicker in relationships, she said. They may also take more time to determine whether marriage is the right choice for them, and studies have shown divorce rates fall when people marry at a later age." [CNN]

It was as if the author came over one day, sat in our living room, ate a grilled cheese sandwich, and picked our brains.

Because of our parents' divorces, it makes me appreciate my marriage more. It makes me appreciate the little things Rusty does for me. It makes me acknowledge everything that really goes into making a marriage successful. It's hard work and takes a lot of forgiveness, compromise, and humility.

When I was preparing for our wedding, I would get so bogged down about pinecones matching and navy blue ribbon not being cut straight. My attention was split everywhere.

Thankfully, I had loved ones to keep me in check. "Prepare for your marriage, not just your wedding." I didn't hear this just once or from one source. I heard it from MANY. Old to young. Single to married. Near to far.

The wedding happens only one day, the marriage is a lifetime. For us, divorce isn't an option. (Besides, if you know me well, I'm as stubborn as a cow and refuse to take life-changing risks unless I have a 100% guarantee it's the right choice. Hey, it's my life we're talking about! P.S. Props to God for giving me that assurance!)

It's been an interesting year with its ups and downs as we continue to acclimate ourselves to each other's habits and schedules. (Listen up, ladies, if your husband is having a problem leaving dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, Target has this MAGICAL hamper. It's made from the African acacia tree. It's beautiful. Within ONE day, clothes were magically no longer on the floor. Coincidence? I think not. ;) )

But as we continue to build our lives together, there is not a week that doesn't go by that I don't look at our wedding photos and get a little emotional. My husband could be driving me bananas, and one look at the photo of the way he looked at me on our wedding day turns me into a hug monster, trying to wiggle my way to my spot on his shoulder.

Even without the pristine makeup, dream wedding gown, and picture-perfect hair, he still looks at me that way every single morning. Almost one year later.

[All photos were taken by the wonderful Fareine Suarez of Fahrenheit Photography.]

- Chelsea :)


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  2. This is beautiful Chelsea and will be very inspirational for many weddings to come!