The Rebranding of Bit of Ivory.

It's been two months in planning now, but I would like to officially say Bit of Ivory Photography has been rebranded. :) I love the changes that Bit of Ivory has gone through over the past year, and with the new growth comes a new "wardrobe."

I wanted a brand that is an extension of who I am. Modern, yet with one foot in the past. Classic, yet unique. Fun. Personal.

Facebook fans got a glimpse of the new site a few days ago, and I was so estatic about all of the positive responses. Everything has now been changed, switched over, and restarted! Check out the new website! I hope you enjoy. Because, for serious, it was a real butt some days trying to design it and make it work! haha

What's in store now for the rest of 2010?
- Building a Client Site (an informational site to help those new to custom photography see what Bit of Ivory is all about!)
- Introducing an improved, more user-friendly proofing gallery (it's in a beta stage with some clients now)
- Starting preliminary planning for in-person ordering (think iPad, personal connection, and general awesomeness)
- Introducing new products (to be announced later!)
- Unveiling a very special wedding-related project in November
- Toying with the idea of creating a private forum for Bit of Ivory photo-fam members
- Creating an event-worthy booth for Vow's Bridal Showcase in February

Things may change or be added onto my Wish List... but I wanted to share what my vision is thus far!

I'm so grateful for everyone who has supported me on our little ride. You know who you are! I really would be nothing without you.

And because no blog post is truly a blog post without a photo... I present why I will be recommending birdcage veils forever now. This was from this past weekend's Persuasion's marathon. Sigh, can I PLEAAASSEEE just specialize in black and white photography?! ;)

- Chelsea :)

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