Now Presenting... the Christmas Card Designs for 2010!

Okay, so I bet most of you aren't even thinking about Christmas yet, but in the photog world, we've been chattering about it for months to prepare for all of you who like the special touches and details of the holiday season.

This year, I'm offering 5 different designs. One for every type of style out there. These are only available to past, present, and near future photo-fam members!

These Christmas cards are 5x7 in size, flat (not folded), doubled-sided, and press-printed. They come in packs of 25 with white envelopes... and are BEAUTIFUL!

The best part? The text is customizable! When you order, you can select any wording/phrasing that suits your family best. The length must fit into wherever the designated spot is, though. Soooo... no novels. ;)

How much, how much?!
* If you purchase your cards before October 31st, each pack of 25 cards is only $40.

* If you purchase your cards AFTER October 31st, each pack of 25 cards is $50.

I want more!
Each additional pack is $30.

What do I have to do?!
1. Email me!
2. Choose your most favorite two images from your session and a card design. If your session was awhile back and you can't remember which one, look on Facebook in the galleries.
3. You must pay for your cards before I send you a proof of your design.
4. You will receive a proof within three days of ordering.
5. Once you give the a-okay, your order is processed with my pro lab!
6. Expect your cards within two weeks of processing.
7. Mail them off to all your loved ones!

What if my session isn't until November, but I want the pre-November price?!
Just place your order, and select your photos when you get your proofing gallery! However, your session must be before November 7th to ensure timely delivery of everything.

Can I save $5?!
Sure can! Allow me to put a discreet version of my logo on the back of your Christmas card. Five bucks saved. :)

Now show me!

Vintage Modern

Fresh Modern

Rustic Modern

Sweetly Modern

Playful Modern

Bring on the wintry delight!
- Chelsea :)

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