The Unveiling of One-Year Old Cake.

The worst three/four words you could ever say to a bride who is about to eat her wedding anniversary cake in one month: You are gluten-intolerant.

The cake that sat in our freezer for 12 months was now inedible to me. So what does any cake lover do?

Make a plea to the original pastry chef to find out her options. She would not miss out on anniversary cake. Especially the best cake in the whole world. Rich, dense carrot cake sans nuts, avec French Buttercream icing.

I sent off that email to the Williamsburg Lodge, telling them of my situation. Immediately, they affirmed they could make a replacement topper!

As I said on the first day of meeting him at my food tasting, Pastry Chef Rodney is my hero. (He seriously said I could come in and watch him make a cake. It was so cool! Alas, I didn't take him up on the offer since it got crazy busy in 2009... but still!)

So this cake lover was able to have a version of her wedding cake. Just as is. Well, without the decorations, and that was fine by me!

So now I present the unveiling of Year-Old Cake. And when Year-Old Cake meets Replacement Cake. But first. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane and show what it ONCE looked like oh-so-many-months ago.

(Photo taken by Fahrenheit Photography)

Now... the carnage of being wrapped up commences...

(What's that sloppy mess hanging off the side? Well, 12 months ago, it WAS snow cascading down.)

(Oh, my husband.)

(My wonderful gluten-free cake which was the best GF treat I've ever had.)

And because inquiring minds want to know, Rusty and his Dad thought the Year-Old cake tasted super yummy and fresh! (Thank you, Mrs. Shindy, for wrapping it just perfectly after the wedding for it to last until now!)

Upon my return, I hope to have snowy Colonial Williamsburg images to share! Because that's where Rusty is taking me for our first year anniversary and it better snow!

- Chelsea :)

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