Looking Back on 2010... in Stories.

So I had this grand idea for a Looking Back on 2010 series of posts... gathering images from all year. A post for each type of session. A little cute story for each.

Then I realized.

It's not what I really wanted to do. Sure, we love the pretty photos and we see personalities in the photos. But what about the peoples' STORIES behind those pretty photos?

My childhood consisted of my nose being stuck in a book... anything from Socks to Goosebumps.

I'm a story collector. I feel alive when hearing engagement stories and little inside jokes exchanged in hidden glances. Life is thriving and abundant.

"A birth certificate shows we were born, a death certificate shows we died, but photographs show we lived." - Unknown

In 2010, I learned...

- A Dad can get just as excited about his family portraits as the Mom.
- To never underestimate the power of awesome ideas of a fashion teacher bride.
- That the military may separate brides from their grooms, but it won't stop them from having a special REAL wedding day.
- That a bride may have discovered many food allergies, but it will NOT stop her from having a cake and eating it, too! Nothing gets her down, and her jumping proves it.
- That photos bring siblings together. (That post is coming soon now that Christmas is over!)
- A bride's venue may have changed, but her wedding vision is still ON and painted in the colors of teal blue, lime green, and white.
- Even after many years, a groom will forever be known in sneakers and the bride in glasses.
- It can be an arduous task to "go green" for a wedding, but a bride would have it no other way.
- A mom is forever beautiful.
- That women have many reasons why it's difficult to remember why we are beautiful, and sometimes a simple photo can shatter years of self-doubt.

And even though there are MANY MANY more stories to tell... I especially learned that...

A photographer can ask for no greater blessing than those brought into her life who believe in her.

Thank you, friends, for a wonderful year, your love, your support, and most of all, your encouragement.

2010 Bit of Ivory Photography Collage

Here's to a wonderful 2011! I continue to look forward to the weddings coming up and the people I have yet to meet.

Chelsea :)
P.S. It was difficult choosing favorites for this collage... VERY difficult. Seriously, each photo is like my child! ;)

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