Snowpocalypse in the Historic Area. | Ink and Snow Black and White Photography

I decided to process all of these images in black and white because 1) I love it, 2) it does the images more justice, and 3) it's more fun!

A little back story about my husband. He's an audio guy. He can pick out tunes and replicate them on a guitar. He can hear a song and hear every single minute detail about a note. When it comes to the visual arts? He is actually red-green deficient (meaning he has trouble distinguishing between reds, greens, and browns) and just does not have the same appreciation for the minute color details in the works I love.

And that's OKAY! Because me and music? I actually have some hearing deficiencies that started when I was a kid. I had tubes put in when I was in first grade. My eardrums have so many scars on them; it probably looks like the texture of cheesecloth! Ewww, right? A sound is a sound to me. I hear it-- it either sounds good or it sounds bad. There are no minute differences. I don't have as much appreciation for music as he does. When it comes to the visual arts? Ohhhhhhhhhh is that my thing. Obviously.

Rusty isn't a photographer. I've tried teaching him and teaching him, and he's the prime example of why it's the photographer behind the camera NOT the amazing camera that makes a good image.

BUT with these images, I'm proud of what he captured. The hubbins is learnin'! And Colonial Williamsburg helped. :)

(P.S. These are rare images of my hair actually NOT being in a ponytail. Don't worry. It's not permanent. I literally had had a haircut like 30 minutes prior to these photos being taken. haha!)















It's obvious which season is my favorite. And I like to say God was just showing off this winter. We didn't have any snow on our wedding day, and so He totally thought to knock our socks off for our anniversary!

You're welcome, Hampton Roads. ;)
- Chelsea :)

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