Megan + Kevin {Album} | Virginia Beach Wedding Photography

We re-meet Megan and Kevin in their own album design!

It's such a beautiful way to have your special day as a keepsake. With all current Bit of Ivory collections, an album of some type is included... because quite honestly, when are you going to print all of those images when you purchase a disc?! :) I truly, truly believe in having something physical to give to your children and grandchildren one day. Who knows if a disc will even be a media that is used in 40 years! Oh, technology.

(What's sad is that this photographer STILL has not printed all of her wedding photos a year later. So I KNOW. Oh, goodness, do I know. I'm a terrible example. BUT I do have a little leather flush mount album! So printing can wait a bit longer. ;) )

- Chelsea :)

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  1. Beautiful photos of the wedding, and love the clean modern design of the album.