Now presenting... Through the Rose-Colored Lens: a Bit of Ivory workshop | June 18, 2011

For months now, I've been getting emails from clients, friends, and even new friends (who found me through the Facebook page) with a similar question... How can I take better pictures?!

To be honest, I was nervous. I'm different from most in that I'm quirky, have a different background than most other photographers, and dance to the beat of my own little Chelsea drum. Despite my extensive background in art, photography, and teaching, I was nervous. I know. Crazy!!

But like God always tends to do... whacks me with a huge foam brick of reality. Everything that makes me different is a good thing. I do see the world differently than most. I do see things in a positive light-- always have, always will. And what once was supposed to be a slight to me has become the title of my first workshop.

Yes, I see the world through rose-colored glasses-- there is too much beauty to focus on the ugly of life. I see my clients and my world through a Rose-Colored Lens. And I believe other people do, too.

So I present... Through the Rose-Colored Lens: A Bit of Ivory workshop.

A workshop for you budding photographers who crave to know the art behind photography, to learn from the classical painting masters, to understand natural lighting, and to strengthen your "eye" skills behind the camera! ALL types of digital cameras welcome (yes, even the point-and-shoots).

norfolk virginia photography workshop

Only 10 spots are available so I can spend one-on-one attention and to make the workshop as fun as possible. Soooo...

Ready to learn, eat a deliciously catered lunch, meet new friends, and find something else about your style?

TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO REGISTER... go to the Workshop site!

Can't wait to meet you!
- Chelsea :)

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  1. so cool chelsea, i want to come! can't wait to hear and see how it goes. i am sure it will go great! best of luck.