Orchestrated: Mediterranean Mosaic Registration... begins NOW!

Meghan and I have been hard at work hammering out this challengingly awesome theme. See, I had a vision. The vision included this beautiful mosaic piece I saw on Google. And it included my insatiable desire to go to Greece. Well, since I couldn't technically have either one of those right now, I told Meghan we needed to do this theme. She laughed and gave me a look that only emails can convey as... "Oh boy."

We had so many ideas and went back and forth FOREVER on them. Using this pattern, that pattern... this necklace... that design...

Well, 6 hours of meeting at Jason's Deli, venue visits, and Starbucks breaks... we GOT IT! And holy moly, it's going to be fabulous!

At our last shoot, I said I wanted to live in the pool house because of the beautiful property. Well, this time, I want to live in one of the cypress trees because it's just that amazing.

Orchestrated's Mediterranean Mosaic weaves in the Greek and the Med influence with a modern and old-world twist. Think white, royal blue, hints of metallic, and a splash of lime green. This is bigger than our last shoot with even more details and stunning location-related elements! ... we are shooting into the evening because the location alone is going to knock your lens caps OFF!

You will officially be transported into a Mediterranean dream. And that's not being cheesy either! You won't find any location like this in Hampton Roads... and we are SOOO blessed to have this special connection especially since when planning these stylized shoots, location is numero uno before we can plan any other detail.

Orchestrated Stylized Shoot in Virginia Beach June 11 2011

Right after our last shoot, we got a website and Facebook page up and running... so if you haven't checked those out yet, please do so!

WEBSITE- http://orchestrated.bitofivoryphotography.com
FACEBOOK- http://www.facebook.com/orchestratedshoots

Now... we know you want to get to the registration page... so go ahead! Spots are limited so everyone has a fabulously quality time.

TO FIND OUT MORE AND TO REGISTER... follow the LINK and enjoy!

- Chelsea :)

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