Orchestrated: Vignettes Vol. 1 Registration NOW OPEN!

We've been plugging away behind the scenes to really bring a nice little "vignette" or mini-treat in between the big events. At each Orchestrated event, even in a stress-less environment, we've noticed that some photographers can still be a little hesitant to pose and guide our models. As a photographer, it's such an integral skill when working with clients, and we want our participants to be confident to try new things and new poses when they don't have the worries of a paying client. :)

We will set the scene, you arrive at your chosen Vignette, I will teach some posing tips, you shoot, and then the rest is just a fun time!

We have three separate stylized Vignettes for you from which to choose... engagement, bridal, and boudoir! This isn't like our regular stylized events. The models will be more stylized than anything else. Vignettes is more of an emphasis on working with everyday models, having fun with other photogs, and challenging yourself to think outside the box!

Orchestrated Stylized Shoot in Virginia Beach January 14 2012

And of course you can sign up for more than one as each vignette takes place at different times! The breakdown of the day is as follows...

* Boudoir - 12:00pm
* Bridal - 2:00pm
* Engagement - 4:00pm

You can find more info on the registration page. :)

WEBSITE- http://www.orchestratedshoots.com
FACEBOOK- http://www.facebook.com/orchestratedshoots

Now... we know you want to get to the registration page... so let's get with it!

TO REGISTER... follow the LINK and enjoy!

- Chelsea :)

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