Bridal Show Hilarity. (AKA "Don't let anyone associated with Bit of Ivory out of the house.")

One of the best things you HAVE to do when you're engaged is go to a bridal show. It's just the thing to do. To experience the craziness, crowdiness, and ridiculousness of fun. If you've never gone and are not a crowd person (like myself), prep yourself mentally, grab a girlfriend (don't subject the poor guys to this!!), and squeeze through the lines to get to the food samples and treats!

This year, the Bit of Ivory photo-fam took a field trip to the Uniquely Yours Bridal Showcase at Norfolk Scope. Loaded up with water and snacks, Jenn (May 2012), Ashley (April 2012), and I piled into my car to meet the other photo-fam and walk around the colorful event.

The photos below will tell the story better, but let's just say there's a reason why we tend to gravitate towards each other... if we were stuck in a room with each other for days on end, we could probably survive on hilarity alone. Especially if there's a photo booth.

It'll be weird posting "non-pro photos" (i.e., photo booth and camera photos) on here, but they're sentimental to me... so they're going up here! Yeah! :D

[Basically, we're a mess. A hilarious mess.]

[Love my June brides!]

[This is basically the Ashley collage. Basically, she stalks me, so I stalk her. ;) ]

[Definitely my favorite picture of the whole day. And it basically made my life to find out there is very much an intentional Zoolander link to Blue Steel Lighting. WIN.]

[We pretty much became photo booth experts by the end of the day. And Jenn surely knows how to rock out the props. ;) ]

It was also awesome seeing all of my wedding vendor friends in action and mingling with everyone. Kinda made for all-around perfect day! :)

- Chelsea :)

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