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Blogs mean a lot to Kim; I knew that from the very first phone conversation I had with her when she said, "By the way, I already know what my blog post title will be for your blog!" I know she has Google Reader with all of her favorites, and well, she's just a voracious reader. Girl after my own heart. ;)

So when we got the engagement session all finished, I set out to look for the perfect blog fit for her engagement session because of that intense blog love of hers. I had been a fan of Le Magnifique since its inception last year, and so when the editor emailed back saying she'd love to feature Kim and Ly... well, I was super excited!

Versailles engagement + Versailles-inspired engagement session + French-titled wedding blog = sheer perfection!

I think all engagements should be remembered in a way that makes your heart soar. It only happens once... and so everything about an engagement should tug at your heartstrings and take you back to a time you just were happy to be with your soulmate. :)

And heck, I won't lie. It's pretty cool to have your photography paired up with those memories. :)

So head on over to check out the FEATURE!

- Chelsea :)

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