Heath + Bethany | Williamsburg Portrait Photography

Before I moved back home to Virginia, I lived in Boston for two years, and I met some amazing people. ♥ I LOVED Boston. Everything about that city spoke to me, the girl who was born 200 years late. The food, the places, the history... and of course, the people.

I was the service coordinator for the 20-somethings group at my church for a good majority of my living there, so that facilitated some friendships. Heath was one of them! He was like the big brother I never had and always was ready to serve and help out when asked. When I had to fly into Providence, RI, he and my Boston BFF Corin drove all the way to Providence to come pick me up. It's stuff like that that imprints into your good memories. Oh, and he can cook, too. Like really well. I've already challenged him to make some outstanding gluten-free food when I'm up in Boston again. haha

So when Heath said he was spending Christmas in my neck of the woods with his special lady, I was really excited to see him and get to meet Bethany (who was unbelievably nice and is becoming a TEACHER, too!)! He wanted to surprise her... and so we played co-conspirators by way of flowers and photos. It was kind of fun being all sneaky-sneaky.

It was the same rainy day as the Williamsburg Wreaths craziness, but we rocked it out nonetheless with some overhangs and umbrellas.

- Chelsea :)

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