Williamsburg Wreaths of 2011... well, some of them.

So, the sad story is that when I was in Williamsburg for my and Rusty's anniversary, it was majorly rainy. Like enough to drench my favorite part of the historic area!!

I promised my PA family, Dad and Mom Forry, that I would post the wreath photos that I did capture though. It's just kind of a bummer that I wasn't able to get all of the ones I wanted like I did last year. Insert MAJOR SIGHING here. :)

One day, I want to find out who the florists are who design these things... and I just want to watch them craft one. Just once. Someone out there in the interwebs must know someone, right!? :)

But anyhow, this black and white photo kind of makes up for the lack of quantity... normally, I'm ALL about the color for the wreaths, but this one just makes me smile a bunch. I think Ansel Adams would be proud... I hope?! :)

So, there you go, Mom and Dad Forry! I wish there were more, but either way, the wreaths will always captivate!

- Chelsea :)

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