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At a wedding vendor get-together in late 2011, I met Liz Alfier, and from that moment on, I just knew she was going to a person with a kind and good heart. And heck, I love being around people like that! You know they are good peoples, and our world needs more good peoples! :) (Oh, "Ansel" is in her family name, too. Can we say EPIC?! #iwanttobeanseladams)

Well, when I first met Liz, she told me her dream was to open an exclusively wedding-related salon. A place where brides and their parties can go get ready and be pampered by trained professionals. She told me it would probably be a few years for her dream if it was meant to be.

Even after we worked together a few different times with Bit of Ivory clients, I saw her again about a month later at another vendor event. She announced the dream was happening! WHOA. Talk about when God says GO, you run full speed ahead. In a matter of weeks, proverbial doors flung wide open to make this dream a reality.

I have a soft spot for dreams if you didn't guess already; I get kind of emotional when they become reality. (Remember my bawling when I was in the UK for our Jane Austen shoot? Yep.) I want to fiercely fight for dreams and cheer on my loved ones when a dream starts to materialize; there is such beautiful power in them... I blame it on my Disney-upbringing. :)

Without further ado, Behind the Veil Studio is now very much a reality and open for business on Birdneck Road in Virginia Beach. It's a place that you can get most any salon service provided by Liz, Sam, or Aubrey. It's a lovely salon geared towards the bridal industry, but you can bet your pretty buttons I'm getting my hair cut over there when it's time for said haircut!

It was an honor to shoot some headshots for two of the three ladies (Liz and Sam!) behind the hair and makeup. (Sadly, Aubrey wasn't able to make it to the shoot!) And a ton of fun because you know they'll be stylish in their own rights. ;)

[hee hee I need to make it a goal to sneak my scarves into every shoot I do.... :D]

[LOVE Sam's ring!]

[Pardon the subpar quality of this one since I took it with my iPhone... but I loved this so much from their Grand Opening last weekend. I wish I had wall space because I would do the same thing! She took photos of everyone who has supported them in this endeavor... I won't lie... I did get kinda misty-eyed that she put my mug up there. The one with the cupcake on my head. For realz, friends know me well. :) ]

I wish you ladies all the very best!! It's going to be a wonderful addition to the local wedding industry!
- Chelsea :)

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