Weekend Wisdom from Ayn Rand.

At times, I struggle a little bit with my speech. I toss over my words even in my photo sessions. My brain is thinking five things ahead of what my mouth is capable of speaking in the moment. It can be embarrassing and frustrating at times, but you know what? I make light of it, have a laugh at myself, and am consistently reminded that I have the best clients in the world by their good natures.

So because of all that, writing has always been a big deal to me. Most know I was an English major in college (hence the Jane Austen obsession). I've always had trouble finding spoken words to say-- yet every time I picked up a pen or took to my keyboard, words came more natural. I became better understood to myself and to others.

With a pen, I could express my thoughts and feelings much more clearly. I could create worlds, characters, plots, and even the everyday schedule. Ayn Rand's quote "Words are a lens to focus one's mind" was just the perfect combination of words for this little photographer. :)

Ayn Rand quote

- Chelsea :)

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