Now presenting... the new Bit of Ivory website!

For most photographers, January is the month to get things taken care of behind the scenes before the busyness of the year explodes. (Hence why you don't see a plethora of sessions being posted this month!) :)

It's been in the plans to...
* Redesign my website
* Redesign my client relationships
* Revamp my own creativity and how I see things (through creative shoots and shoots just for me!)
* Rejuvenate my perspective
* Reconnect with the amazing wedding vendors of my area
* Design my marketing plan for the 2012

It hasn't been an easy month to be honest. Here-and-there things popped up, but all situations have made me proud to know how I run my business with integrity and how much I love my photo-fam. They have been the backbone of why Bit of Ivory is Bit of Ivory Photography. So you, photo-fam reading, please know without your unyielding kindness, unconditional support, and limitless encouragement, I would not be here without you. Thank you for your love and for giving me the opportunity every day to share our lives together... and heck, just being you. :)

Without further ado, it's time to CHECK off "redesign my website" and remove that Post-it from my office! :D

I can't thank Melissa Love, the amazing web/graphic/identity designer and friend (and cohort from our Jane Austen shoot!), enough for her brains and guidance for this website. It first started last summer when she said, "Chelsea. You need to showcase your masterpieces better." I tugged and whined, "But I wanna be different! I want text!!" She replied, "But people need to SEE your images right off the bat." (Note: you should read her responses in a delightful British accent.) She has a way with words, and she won me over. I was overwhelmed at the tasks that lay ahead though...

Well, it all fell into place a few weeks ago. It really all fell into place at the right time because she will be making something very cool available very soon. I was so excited she chose me to be a part of her "secret lab" as it helped me visualize and better showcase what I'm all about! So thanks to Melissa, I have new vision for my website and SHAZAM! a better website for my clients.

Here is the new Bit of Ivory awesomeness thanks to SHOWIT!


[You know I still had to keep this!]

[I wanted images that spoke to my style but also displayed an example of a Bit of Ivory bride. While all my brides are pretty epic and beautiful, this one image spoke with classic and quiet, yet stunning beauty. I like that. :) Thanks, Meghan, for being wonderful!]

[A new feature is the Love Notes... before Facebook did away with Reviews, I saved them because I knew I wanted to use them somewhere...]

[... and to show that I'm not just a photographer who shows up at a wedding. My brides become my family.]

[The main attraction... Newly showcased images! Woo woo!]

So check it out, play around in the new site, let me know what you think!
- Chelsea :)

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