Now presenting... the new Layflat and Flush Mount Albums!

I'm always scouring for the best products to be able to offer my photo-fam, and while I've had quality albums in the past, it just never felt like "the one." Nice and pretty, yes. Album soulmate, no.

At the end of last year, another photographer friend showed me some of her albums, and it's hard to explain and as cheesy as it sounds, they felt like home to me. And so when I went to WPPI in February, I made it a point to beeline for their booth to get a ton more information and tell them exactly what I was looking for... and they had it beyond my expectations.

So now Renaissance Albums are part of the Bit of Ivory lineup... both for Layflat AND Flush Mount.

They have the best customer service, and Stacy, my personal album rep, makes sure everything goes smoothly and quickly for everyone. It's always a learning curve when using a new company, and I'm just super grateful that they have been so patient and informative with me. :)

And heck, with a name like Renaissance, you knew that I had to fall in love with them.


Layflat Albums are an affordable alternative with high quality cover and lightweight photo-printed pages. These are great albums for parents or copies of a flush mount album.

The layflat album shown above is 8x8 in size with 10 spreads with a Chelsea Chocolate leather cover. (Seriously, the leather series is called Chelsea!! I know. Sheer perfection. lol)


Flush Mount Albums are heirloom albums with the highest leather cover and page quality. They have archival photographic prints that are mounted to an inner core. (Think waaay-super-classy-must-hold-with-white-gloves board book!)

The flush mount shown above is 10x10 in size with 12 spreads with a Gramercy Black leather cover.

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