The ridiculously high standard of those two letters: B and W.

My 2012 resolution was to delve into film again. For personal projects. And I did my first color project earlier this year and blogged it this past July.

But I stopped and didn't really succeed with pushing myself forward with more projects. I let that film collect dust, and it took my bride-turned-friend Jenn to push me into a film date commitment. (She bribed me with Williamsburg and a fun ferry ride. Hey, I'm simple to please. ;) ) Seriously, I needed that accountability.

Because I am that type of person who fears failure. Even on personal projects. I am my own worst critic. (Yeah... it's why my love of baking went to Wonderland and hasn't returned since the gluten allergy became known.)

Here's a little secret. I've set such ridiculously high standards with black and white photography for myself that the anxiety over NOT knowing how film, unedited, would turn out was very real. Yes, TOTALLY irrational and totally ridiculous. lol

I haven't exclusively used B&W film in a little over a decade. I believe film shouldn't be touched up digitally or brought into the digital editing realm. It just feels... wrong (for me). So whatever developed film I got back, I knew I wouldn't/couldn't touch in Lightroom or Photoshop.

So those are my psychological-artist issues wrapped up in a nice tidy box. ;) But seriously, the film date with Jenn was amazing. The laughter we had at half of the stuff in the Historic area made it enough.

And then I got my film back from The Darkroom, and I cried a little. The photos came out. And they came out beautifully. My own worst critic was silenced this time. I still need more practice with the manual lens, but I know I'll be a lot more daring with the next roll of film.

Let's do this, film. Let's make some sweet, sweet Ansel Adams music!

Assignment: Manual Settings with Manual Focus + B&W
Location: Colonial Williamsburg
Equipment: Nikon N90s, Nikon 85mm f/1.4 AI-s, and a Light Meter app
Film: Kodak T-Max 100
Date: August 22, 2012

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