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If you follow Facebook happenings, you will have known that Pickles Barrington had a bit of an accident which resulted in a very costly $4,000 surgery right around Thanksgiving. This little 13-week-old kitten jumped up on a counter, got startled, and fell and broke her femur. Basically, I was a hot mess for about 3 days. lol

Rusty and I are like those cockroaches in the Wall-E movie (totally lovable, loyal, and stubborn to make things work and fast). So in addition to his working overtime, I offered lifestyle pet sessions for some local furry loved ones. (The cool thing is one will even be up in Massachusetts next summer when I'm up there!)

We also collected funds through ChipIn and between that, cash donations, and the sessions, we managed to raise just about $1,500. So very humbling, so very grateful. Words will never be enough for the appreciation we have to our friends, family, and community.

In the initial announcement, we also stated that 100% of all surplus funds would go to Animal Assistance League of Virginia (located in Chesapeake) to help with their medical costs and basic needs for animals waiting for their forever homes. At this time, there is no surplus to give back, but it's my hope to be able to offer pet sessions again next December and give 100% of that profit for their benefit, especially since quite a few people were really excited to have their own pet session. :)

So I wanted to know present PB's newest friends and the loving hearts of their owners. Thank you so much to those who donated their time, love, money, and support. We love you so very much.

The Amador Furbabies

The Grant Furbabies

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