Happy, happy December!

It's one of my favorite months of the year. There's a magic in the air. There's the craving to be crafty. There's the spirit of giving. And heck, my anniversary is right after Christmas. I'm pretty Christmas obsessed. :)

This isn't a lengthy post or a 2012 recap (that's for the end of the month!), but the tangible cards have been mailed and that means celebration is now official! 2012 was something amazing, and I know I'm anxious to see what 2013 brings. Though it can slow down if it wants... I want to enjoy the winter. ;)

So for the internet, we wanted to wish you a very merry holiday season and a beautiful new year. May you have a wonderfully relaxed time with loved ones, enjoy some yummy food, and live up the season.

[I was SUPER excited for our Christmas card this year.
One, I designed it. Two, it was finished in early November. And three, it has Pickles Barrington on it!

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