Gingy Style : A Bit of Ivory Photo-Fam Christmas

For a few months, I had set in motion a gingerbread-inspired Christmas party, and whoa stuff changed. First, Pickles Barrington came into the picture. Second, Pickles broke her leg (thus turning 3-D Gingy House into a 2-D one on the wall). Third, Pickles was set on thwarting my Life-Size Gingerbread House construction (e.g., she had torn (literally) through my efforts THREE TIMES!).

Thankfully, I have some very understanding photo-fam who just laughed it off with me. Because let's be real. The "Gingerbread House" on my wall was a huge hot mess. Like paper was crumpled, tissue paper was ripped and incomplete... whew yikes. haha

But to take it to the sentimental level for a moment... Every time I host one of these events, it just makes me so, so, so very happy to know that I've made some amazing friends from my clients. They're not just brides or portrait clients... they're really my photo-fam. I run a low volume business for this very reason... if I'm pouring my heart, time, and energy into something, I want it to be meaningful and lasting. And heck yeah, if we want to laugh over boy shenanigans or chat about book genres, then heck yeah!

Congrats to Elaine (for "most special"), Heather (for funniest), and Jenn (for #1 Gingy), for winning the Gingy decorating contest! AND MEGA props to Stefani and Sarah for truly representing Gingy Style! These ladies even rocked out legit Christmas tree garland strands! ;)

Seriously... best people ever. Most creative and fun bunch. And I love them.

(I can't take credit for the Cheesemas Tree. Inspired by a Pinterest win, Elaine created this beauty!)

(Becky and Jenn are channeling summertime with their Gingy swimwear! ... did I mention that I do not like our winter this year?!)

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