Legends and Fate | A Brave-Inspired Elopement Shoot

After I did Gravity of Love, I became hooked on mini-stylized elopement shoots. The short, sweet, and romantic nature of what an elopement is dreamy to me. :)

And well, you will also know that I'm a bit of Pixar fanatic. From Wall-E to Toy Story to Up, I kinda love them all. Even two summers ago, when the movie Brave was still in production, a summer colleague friend made the mistake of telling me that his fiancé was one of the producers for Brave. I thought I annoyed the dickens out of him with my questions and fangirl squeals. Until I saw an overnighted package sitting on my office desk a few days later. And then I cried. Inside was a comfy Pixar shirt and little sticker. Best. Memory. Ever. (It still means a lot to me, Miah! And unashamedly, I still have that ridiculous FedEx envelope just because it has Pixar's address on it. haha)

For those who haven't seen Brave yet... well, I'll pretend that that travesty hasn't occurred. ;) But to catch you up to speed, it's an original fairy tale about a young girl named Merida who takes her fate into her own hands.

I thought it went along perfectly with the idea of an elopement! I believe all marriages create their own everlasting legends in their own rights... and whisking yourself away to be joined with your soulmate is much like taking your fate into your own hands.

A lot of people ask what got me inspired... and it's always kind of difficult since everything inspires me. I did create a Pinterest board and from there, I kept "simple" in mind.

Because I am that nerdy, most details have meanings...
* The blue/green tartan is loosely based off of the Forbes clan. My own Scottish heritage.
* The announcement wording is contrived with hints of Brave's own release date and Scottish town names.
* The fruit tart is both symbolic of what was a turning point/climatic part in the movie AND it's shortbread. Shortbread's kinda huge in Scotland. ;)

Venue | Vintage Tavern
Hair and Makeup | Liz Alfier of Behind the Veil Studio
Stationery & Decor Details | Chelsea LaVere
Models | Amanda and Tim

Many, many thanks to the people who helped make this one a reality. I can now cross off "do something Disney/Pixar-inspired" off of my photo-bucket list! :)

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  1. Just saw this movie the other day and I loved it! Gorgeous pictures as always, Chelsea!
    Love, Vero :)