Now Presenting... The Photo-Fam Album, Vol. II.

I like books. I like photos. I like family. I like multi-purposed items.

It was only a matter of time before I started connecting the dots and realizing the new most ingenious idea to hit my brain.

What a better way to showcase album covers/samples than a purposeful and beautiful photo-fam album? SHAZAM!

So twice a year, there will be a new volume with new images of weddings and events from that part of the year. (I LOVE my photo-fam who have sessions with me, but sadly, these will be geared mainly towards weddings since there are fewer of them throughout the year.)

Some of these layouts are from couples' final album designs and some are new designs I created to showcase a few different other aspects specifically for this photo-fam album. :) Best of both worlds!

When couples meet with me, they will be able to see how I design my albums, what an album feels/smells like (oh my gosh, AH-mazing), and be able to be part of what's to come in their future with Bit of Ivory Photography. When I shoot a wedding, I shoot with albums in mind. A story to be told later. :)

[Volume II is a 10x10 lay-flat album with 10 spreads. You can find more information about the albums I use on the Albums post I wrote back in 2012.]

To see more album layout samples or past photo-fam albums, just click on over to them!

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  1. Those pics and album covers are simply beautiful..And yeah, the album's smell so amazing.

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