For the record...

... Morgan said it first, not me.

"You know she's going to post those on the internet."

Yep, she said it. Not me. So, Brucers, you are now made infamous with your Vogue Bookmark pose.

Morgan and Bruce came by to pick up their Save-the-Dates. As stated before, Morgan is a librarian and so it was without question that she would get bookmarks for their Save-the-Dates. She's also planning on having a completely "green" or eco-wedding... so they wanted recycled paper.

Designs were finalized and printed... and finally ready for pick up!

Morgan was saying something to Bruce about the functionality of the recycled paper and size, and she took down a book from my bookcase (which also exposes the book preferences I tend to lean towards... :) ).

I'll let the photo speak the rest. Needless to say, my direction of "Look excited!" turned into this.

save the date bookmark

(I won't reveal the whole Save the Date yet until they mail them out! Just my custom! So check back on Facebook in the next few weeks.)

- Chelsea :)