Arriving in Williamsburg...

It's time to reveal the big one! The LaVeres are changin' zip codes and headed to the other side of Hampton Roads!

Rusty has been transferred to a Yorktown clinic to serve a new community with his patient care skills, and seeing as there really is no relocation crazies with Bit of Ivory Photography (beyond the task of having to register for a new city biz license)... it's a great new adventure in store for us. The idea of moving to the *really* historical part of Hampton Roads is a dream. Four years ago, we were married in the Historic Area, and now that Historic Area will be our backyard. :) To most, it's probably no surprise (e.g., "I thought you lived there already because of the amount of times you talk about it?!" or "You're up there all the time!") especially with the amount of out-of-town brides I meet in Williamsburg as a halfway point to discuss wedding awesomeness.

My little old soul has always felt at home there, and I'm ecstatic that we have the opportunity to still stay in the area AND get all soul-comfy in a beautiful new home.

A few Q's...
* Will you still come to the Southside?
Of course! I'll still be down here often for meetings/events (and as often as I've been going up to Williamsburg in the past years)... and of course, when I'm shooting weddings in Virginia Beach/Chesapeake/general Southside. Hampton Roads is Hampton Roads! :)

* Any new travel fees?
Same as usual. :)

* How excited are you?

* When I'm shooting on the Peninsula, you'll have a guest room for me, right? ;)
Oh my gosh, we are so excited to have TONS more room when we move. Since we'll be moving into a real HOUSE, more room for us, more room for you. ;) I'm sure there will be a golden pineapple decor piece somewhere in our house to showcase the colonial spirit of hospitality. If you find it, maybe you'll get a cookie. lol

* Did you really make your cats wear colonial gear?
I'll keep that mystery going.

And heck yeah. You KNOW I'm going to get a fancy return address stamp for my mail. I've been dreaming of this for years! Watch out, envelopes! ;)

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  1. So excited for you, Chelsea! I love having you a little closer and I know how happy you'll be in Williamsburg. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you so much, Jewels! :) I will be a tad closer and will have lots of extra room so you and the boys will have to visit! :)